Tuesday, April 23, 2019


UAE National Anthem


Arabic Song

اطفال ياحلوين اشربوا الحليب

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Triangle Song

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The Ladybug Song

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Ladybug, Ladybug

The growth doesn’t stop once the baby has exited the womb.
Babies continue to grow all the way until they have fully matured and reached adulthood. And, during this time that they are growing, the things we incorporate into their lives is vital to who they will become.
During this time, their brains are growing and developing – their mathematics skills, their creativity, their language skills, their personality, their likes and dislikes, and much more. And, there are several outside factors that play a major role in their development.One of those being the active participation of arts and crafts.
Sure, arts and crafts can be messy, but children of all ages love them and it is actually good for them.

The types of arts and crafts that we should incorporate into  child’s life should vary and  based on several things: their interests, their attention span, and their learning needs (what they need to focus more on). But, of course, trying to incorporate several arts and crafts projects that touch on a variety of skills is best to ensure child is well-rounded in his development.At this age, we should first try helping children out and leading by example. Simple tasks such as using a pair of scissors or holding a paintbrush will help enhance fine motor skills. When children engage in an art project, even from an early age, they explore size and shapes.

When children participate in creating arts and crafts, there are many movements involved. From holding a paintbrush to coloring with a crayon, a child’s fine motor skills progress through this hands-on approach to education. 
At this age, arts and crafts are a great time to help children learn things like how to hold a pencil correctly. In addition to getting their hands physically dirty creating art, children have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning words for colors, shapes and various actions. Because art employs any or all of the senses, such as sight, sound, taste and smell, arts and crafts further encourage children's creativity.

Studies show art and craft education strengthens both critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in young children. In young children, artistic activities lead to the formation of well-rounded personalities, good attachment, self -esteem and better mental health.
At this age, children generally start using  descriptive words to discuss their creation, which help them express what feelings are elicited from observing different types of art . Exploration through art encourage children to try new ideas in other areas of life. Not only will this further spark children's creativity and imagination, but they also learn to use critical thinking to react to new experiences and problem-solve when necessary.