Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eid Al Adha Mubarak To All
From The Management

Role Play at its Best
- Enacting the Rituals of Hajj

All Ready For Hajj
Dressed for the occassion ,  the little angels were looking forward for the activity to be done.They were all eagerly awaiting the act that was to be performed as most of them did not know what all this dressing up was about.
It proved to be a wonderful Role - Play activity for our kids.

Tawaaf - Circumambulating The Kaa'ba
The small Hajis fascinated by the model of Al Kaa'ba were excited to do the ritual without any delay. Chanting the talabiya,  they went round Al Kaa'ba assisted by their care takers.

 A Walk Between As Safa And Al Marwa
Enacting the story of Bibi Hajar, the little Hajjaj did this ritual with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Praying To The Almighty At Mount Arafat
What a wonderful sight !
Indeed acceptance of prayers and supplication is definite.

Stoning The Accursed -  Satan
Men do it to vent their anger on the accursed satan who tried to deflect Prophet Ibrahim A.S. from following the commandment of the Almighty. But our little angels did it with charming innocence and enjoyed it. The act of throwing pebbles at the accursed captured their imagination and they loved it.

Enjoying Zamzam !
Quenching their thirst after an eventful day.A well deserved treat.



The Epitome of Innocence
Right from the heavens they descended on our premises - Little Oxford Nursery And Day Care, Khuzam and Mamourah.
Blessed are we to have them.