Saturday, September 21, 2013

Parent Orientation Day

        The Parent Orientation Day proved to be great success. It was a pleasure to see such a huge number of parents showing up for the event. They were briefed about all areas concerning their children such as transportation, academics, snacks, daily schedules etc.
        Making good use of such a huge gathering, we organised an 'Oral Health in Young Children'. awareness campaign. We are greatful to Dr. Kamran Mirza who gave a valuable lecture on young children's oral care - its importance, precautions to be taken and consequences if neglected.  It was indeed an eye opener. We thank Dr. Kamran Mirza for this wonderful gesture.
       At the end of the event, parents filled in feedback forms, which helped us in gaining an insight into their minds, their expectations and their response. It was very encouraging to read the feedback as mostly all were full of praise and appreciation.
Song of the Week :  I Love You
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