Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trip to Saqr Park - Wow! What a lovely day.

 Learning about 'Parts of a Plant'

Fun with Spoons

Matching with ease - Fun with Flash cards

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Early Years Professional Development Workshop

 Saturday 16th Jan '16.

 Organised in our nursery with the aim:

  • To foster a culture that encourages, supports and invests in the development of our staff members thus enhancing and increasing their morale and confidence.

  • To motivate through achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, and personal growth.

  • To learn all about the latest trends in education and discipline

  • To receiving instruction on how to implement new practices and procedures in a classroom. After all, you can read about procedures on a web site, but you may need help when it comes to how to actually put it into action.

  • To feel professional and to show them they’re doing important work.

  • To raise the status of the early years workforce.


Learning the Shape - Rectangle