Saturday, November 12, 2016


To listen to the song of the week for Playgroup I
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Playgroup II and Foundation Year
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World Science Day Fair 
For the first time ever, a science fair exclusively for preschoolers was organised in RAK, courtesy LONDC. Such an amazing event, surpassed our expectations too, attended by more than 250 visitors. 
For kids, it was 'FANTABULOUS'.

Kindly visit our Facebook page to view two short movies: One on the making of the Fair and the other on the Fair itself.

Lessons through Skype

Photography lessons in progress

Learning about Our Little 'NOSE'

Sniffing Jars

Messy Play is always 'FUN' -
A wonderful sensory experience

 Colours of the Rainbow
Learning to use Puppets

Circles, Circles Everywhere

Working on our Pictionaries

More Fun on Board