Sunday, October 07, 2018

UAE National Anthem

Arabic Song
To listen to the Arabic song of the week, kindly click on the link below:

امي كم اهواها

To listen to the song of the week for our Babies, kindly click on the link below:
If you are happy and you know it

To listen to the song of the week for our Playgroup I, kindly click on the link below:
Finger family

To listen to the song of the week for our Playgroup II, kindly click on the link below:
Head, shoulders, knees and toes

To listen to the song of the week for our Foundation Year, kindly click on the link below:
Five senses song

Mock Fire Drill

Fire drills are an important safety practice.It was successfully, calmly and safely  conducted with all children and staff members evacuating the building within 2 minutes.Preparation was the key to the effective response.An in-house  meeting was conducted to inform the teachers about the  evacuation plan,emergency exits and meeting points.Children were best prepared for the experience by prior talking to them about the drill so that they are not frightened or confused. 

Teacher's Appreciation Day

We at Little Oxford recognize, understand and value the hard work and important contributions of teachers in establishing a strong foundation for our young learners. We took the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate their passion on teacher's appreciation day.

Story Enactment by Teachers

Stories play a vital role in children's learning and development.Children love listening to stories.
This week's story 'Pinocchio'was enacted by the teachers .  Children were in buoyant mood and thrilled to see their teachers in disguise, enacting characters !

Family is very important for little ones.Parents are their first and most important teacher. The previous week's topic was 'My Family'.Activities like family finger puppet show and picture talk were conducted to strengthen the nursery-parent  connection, invigorate the teacher-baby bond, and work on babies' personal and emotional skills.




Our Playgroup I
The topic of the previous week for playgroup I was 
'My Family'. An assortment of activities were conducted focusing on  the topic. The 'Family Picture Talk' activity was enjoyed by one and all, where children loved showing their family picture to teachers and friends!
Apart from this, many other fine and gross motor activities were conducted to keep our toddlers positively engaged.



Our Playgroup II

Our playgroups are cute little learners who are developing their personality. They love to explore the world around them. A variety of activities were conducted to develop children's personal, emotional and social skills, support  imagination and creativity, encourage physical activity,enhance communication skills and increase cognitive skills.





Our Foundation Year

Our foundation  groups are loaded with enthusiastic explorers and inquisitive learners.Variety of activities focusing on all the areas of development were conducted to meet their energy levels, enhance their interest in the learning process and develop new learning and skills.